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The Fairy Queen needs your help!

Become her Guardian Spirit and raise a little hero from an egg to battle the Dark Lord and bring peace back to the land.

This is an Elf Egg...

You are a guardian spirit created by the Fairy Queen to look after the heroes of this realm. You are to guide them. Raise them. Help them face the dark terrors of the world.
Part digital pet game, part RPG adventure, and part casual Idle game, Yolk Heroes is a charming blend of many different elements. Quest and grind to protect the citizens of the realm, or simply enjoy your digital friend!

  • Raise your hero!

    From egg to adventure take your elf and help them become the greatest hero they can be. Clean, train, educate, and equip your little elf. Taking them through several phases of development.

    • Egg - Protect your Elf Egg from the dangers of the world! Keep it at the perfect temperature to help the strongest possible hero hatch.
    • Infant - The helpless hero is young and cute, but can't do much! Learn the basics while getting to know your drooling elf.
    • Do errands, practice skills, play games, and develop your elf into the hero they're destined to be!
    • Hero - Once your elf reaches maturity, take them out on quests and adventures for treasure and glory

  • Save this realm...

    The Dark Lord has been spreading evil across the land. The Fairy Queen has tasked you with stopping his reign of terror!

    • Challenging quests await around every bend, and a myriad of unique enemies seek to assault your hero from all sides.
    • Use skills, items, training, and a little bit of luck to keep your hero safe!
    • Your hero will give you regular updates during their quests, so you can get on with your life without worrying about your Elf getting into (too much) trouble without you.
    • Equip your hero with various weapons and armor to even the odds and ensure they have the best chances possible against the forces of darkness.
    • Actions take energy! Be sure to balance work with rest, otherwise your Elf will find themselves worn out.

    A companion for you...

    Your little hero doesn't require constant attention. The opposite really!
    Raising, feeding, cleaning and even questing with your little elf is all done at a fairly leisurely real-time pace. Yolk Heroes is a cozy experience, one which you only need to check in on a few times a day to keep your hero healthy and happy.

    Don't be fooled into thinking that means there's no danger, though! Even the mightiest heroes are sometimes defeated, but if this fate befalls your Elf, worry not. The Fairy Queen can always reincarnate your hero with a new egg!

    A virtual pet adventure...

    Yolk Heroes is the virtual pet game you've always wanted! RPG Mechanics, minigames, quests...who doesn't love quests? Your elf will explore, grow stronger, and embark on an adventure to deliver the world from evil! OR! You can just relax and enjoy your little friend.

    We've have been working tirelessly on this (ostensibly) adorable hero raising game. Through Yolk Heroes, we want you to take your Elf on the adventure of their lives...and perhaps make some fond memories for yourself along the way.

    Updated 7 days ago
    Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
    (5 total ratings)
    GenreRole Playing
    Tags2D, Atmospheric, Casual, Game Boy, Idle, JRPG, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, Virtual Pet


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    Huge fan! Just wondering when we'll get 1.1 for the itch release.


    AUGH! XD i haven't been updating it. one moment. Let me put that up right now.


    Any update on the mobile version? I'd love to play this on the go, or during breaks at work!


    We are working hard on it!

    This looks so great! The game is just inspired by Game Boy games, right? In other words, there is not an actual GB/GBA rom available ?

    Sadly no rom. Yeah.

    Do you provide CD keys for Steam if we buy on Itch? I already bought on Steam but if you get more of a cut here...

    It's about the same cut. Don't worry about it! I would provide a key over here if you needed one, but it's really not a big difference! Reviews on steam probably do more for my bottom line just because the world is run by bots these days.

    Fair enough. I'm always trying to make sure the devs I support get the ideal cut. Loving the game so far. Good work!

    Love the aesthetics! Was wondering if there was a way to play this on my Analogue Pro? Would love to bring this game mobile! Thanks!!

    I don't know! Never tried.

    (1 edit)

    Will you do post dlc? And are you open to new ideas?

    I am!


    Just purchased! I will say however, this game would be an absolute perfect fit on the Panic Playdate. Good luck! 

    What's the Panic Playdate?


    It’s an absolutely phenomenal little yellow handheld developed by Panic Inc. 

    It has an amazing indie development scene. I’d love to help out where I can if need be. 

    i'll take a look!

    I absolutely love how this looks. Any plans to release the full version here, or will it only be available on that other site?

    It's available here!

    Oh, did I load the page before it updated or something? I see the full version now, but I swear it was saying it was a demo before XD

    Anyway, great! :D

    $7.99 for a demo?  What's the target date for the full release?


    The demo is free!

    The full game is out, for 8 bucks.

    Ohh!  I must have managed to catch the page before it had fully updated.  At the time it said it was a demo, but now everything looks proper.  My bad

    This looks great! Are there plans to release this for other (retro) platforms too?

    We'll see!


    May I play on Android, please?


    Working on it!


    Great game! However why did the fairy queen say "I punch whatever i choose! I even punch livestock! Now i'm gonna punch you! And then you'll lose!" and crash the game

    Haha, when did this happen? That sounds like a line that's supposed to be from the Rat Champ! Sounds like it bugged, do you know when this popped up?

    (1 edit)

    What happened is i booted up the game for the first time, And got to the first quest before closing the game. when i came back tomorrow, the opening sequence started, except the fairy queens dialogue got replaced by the rat champs and then the game crashed after the dialogue ended. maybe the game thought it was trying to start a new game, but loaded the boss dialogue anyway?? edit: the rat champ boss loaded properly after the game rebooted and everything was fine but im still very confused. 

    Haha! That's very funny. I honestly have NO idea what happened there. that's a new one on me and I've been playing this game and having people test it for like, six months. That's wild. Funnier than anything I could have written. Like, that sounds so perfectly timed. The funny thing, is she WILL do things LIKE that sometimes, especially in the full game. She's not supposed to be bugged doing it!


    If your game starts glitching out or going spoopy I'd probably just dump the computer.

    (your actual guess sounds about right, I assume it was a flag loading issue. Somehow the flag for the mission loaded and the opening sequence flag got tangled up in a way that will take a little bit of code chucking to probably figure out. Figuring it out will probably be good, because it's odd enough and obviously breaks the game, that it could be a sign of a bigger issue.)

    unrelated but i love all the easter eggs that most people wont see like if i you repeatedly deny to be a gaurdian spirit and then kill all the eggs you're given
    "If you're working on making an omelette you're well on your way."

    Awww, thanks for playing it enough to see the stuff like that!

    it looks so cool!

    It is cool.

    Sooooooo Awseome!!!!!

    You're awesome.

    CoolCool girl.🤗

    You're the cool cool girl!


    Looks Good and The mechanics are Interesting.

    I hope you feel that way if you get a hold of the demo, but if you do play it, even if you don't, give me feedback.  I'd like the game to be good!

    Looks so cute!

    Thank you so much, the demo is going to be out next month so when that comes out uh... give it one of those play tries or whatever.

    Bruv, next month?!  So cool,  that's my birthmonth! I'll definitely give it a try!  =D


    looking neat!


    This looks adorable, I can't wait to play!


    Aww! Thanks! The demo will be out next month.

    I remember playing an RPG maker game called "Petualangan Divine Kids" and one of the monster is a poop, this sure does bring good old childhood memories


    Hahaha! I KNOW THE GAME YOU MEAN! Oh wow. Whew.

    I watched a friend play it. If it's the one I remember I got it off some forum.

    (1 edit)

    That is awesome to hear!

    Back then, it was said to be the first RPG game made by Indonesian to be released publicly, but if you have any details about that game more, I would love to hear it!

    It's sad it's mostly forgotten now, but I will always remember that game.

    ohh Abe, Bambo, and Cici. I wonder when you three will comeback...

    Haha, no I don't have any more info. I was just grabbing everything I could at the time. I probably know less about it than you do.