IMPORTANT NOTE: The browser version of the demo is ONLY the final encounter. If you want to play the FULL demo you need to download the game (it's free) so you can actually play more than just the ending!


A six shooter is all you have in a world of sand, dust, and blood...

On a barren desert world, Bonnie Star ekes out a living as a carnival sideshow act. She spends most of her days staring at the bottom of a bottle of booze as though it might have something to say. That is, until a man dies in her arms. A man from whom she hears a story about a way to bring free water to a desperate land.

An adventure game for the modern era...

With adventure gameplay focused more on choices than pixel hunting or moon logic puzzles. Enjoy talking with characters, figuring out what you want to do next, and dealing with problems without ever needing to be afraid of 'screwing up' your progress. Not that your choices don't have consequences...

Heartbeats count when lead starts to fly...

Dead Horizon is a story focused adventure game with rail shooter action elements. We have dubbed it a 'puzzle shooter' because we think we're clever. It combines classic point and click gameplay with rail shooter elements, strong characters, and a deep well thought out setting in which water is more valuable than blood.

A vibrant yet dying world for you to explore...

The world of Dead Horizon is not one of infinite frontiers. It is a setting of pain and bones bleached white by a world that wants nothing more than to consume what few people are left on its surface. Yet, those people still live their lives, have their own stories, dreams, and aspirations. A dying world doesn't mean that people don't live.

The Hard Sell...

Dead Horizon is a game with one foot firmly in the past: adventure games, the 90s, pixel art and some older design philosophies. However, it is also a game with one foot firmly in the future: interaction, immersion, cinematic storytelling, and reactive dialogues. By taking the style and lessons of the past and combining them with both modern game design elements and a love of storytelling, we've tried to create something beautiful.

Dead Horizon is a labor of love. A love of storytelling, of pixel art, of westerns, of so many things. A love of gamers and games. Of the people who have come before and everyone that will come after.

We hope you are willing to celebrate this love with us. Even when all we see around us are Dead Horizons, those barren sands are full of beauty.


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Is the cursor constantly moving right a bug or a feature? Definitely adds to the difficulty ^_^

Haha, it's a bug. I do want the game to start with the cursor out of control as she's an alcoholic and hasn't had a drink yet, but currently it's a weird bug we're trying to figure out.

Could you tell me your hardware set ups and any software/versions of windows or whatever you're using?

is this just a Demo?

or is the game still in progress


This is a demo. The game is ALSO still in progress, and the demo might be updated some soon with feedback from everyone playing it!

But the game is meant to be about 6-8 hours in length.

thanks, your game is awsome  and I can't wait to see what it becomes

Oh, thank you!

Is there a way to rescale the screen? I wasn't able to open my inventory because my screen didn't show everything for some reason. I treid alt+enter to try in window mode but had the same problem.


I'm sorry. That's a very good question, if it didn't rechange it in windowed... hrm... i'll put that on the bug list.

What kind of hardware/set up are you using?

I got it on my pc first and then tried it on my laptop. They're pretty old but the game worked fine, it's just a problem with the screen size.

And it worked on your laptop okay? But not on the desktop or the issue was on both? And what is their native screen sizes?

Both had the same problem, laptop is 1200 x 800 and i think the same for the pc. Not really sure tho.

If you can find out it can be helpful, but thanks. Weird... both running windows i assume? Which version of windows?


I'm in love this this game. I love the art, the dialogue, the characters themselves. I'm in love with the unique combat and ability to talk or shoot through situations. My only desire is to be able to handle dialogue (that isn't broken by shenanigans or where speed is vital) to progress only through confirmation. Excited for the full release!


Thanks for the solid feedback!


thoroughly fun, and very pretty! i had a similar resolution problem to an earlier commenter; thankfully i can manually change the resolution of my computer. however, it would be great if this demo/game could be offered windowed as well in case the resolution isn't the same between game and system.

I'll see what I can do!

(1 edit)

Well there's a strange bug: the pointer keeps drifting directly to the right. Not sure how to mimic a joystick drift with a mouse, but that's what it looks like.

I've heard of it before. Now... hrm. Okay, so... do you have a controller plugged in? If so, try unplugging the controller. The game DOES have controller inputs. And I've had that happen once.

If that doesn't work, can you give me all your specs and any other info just incase we can use it to figure out what's going on?

This game looks soo good, can't wait to play it!

Just wondering... How much will the full game cost once it's released? So I can, you know, save up some dow.

Not 100% sure yet. Probably in the 'cheap seats' region of the 15-25 dollar range?


I love the game. I had a very good time playing it. I look forward to more :)

Thank you so much!

youre welcome :) I look forward to the full  game :)

very beautiful and fun game, whole game is an atmosphere! The interactions and choices are very fun.
Hope there is more coming soon, can't wait for it. 

You're very fun!

thanks, you too:)


Super fun game! I love the interactions throughout the whole game -- it was fun to talk to people, and also fun when I accidentally drew my gun at the wrong time and suffered the consequences!


Haha! Glad that delighted you instead of upsetting you. I often worry with choices like that. It's nice to know when they work. My goal is of course to 'delight'. The annoyance meant to be immersive. The realization that your actions matter, even if some of them you choose not to take. Hopefully for most the 'surprise' of maybe a bad interaction they didn't ask for is rewarded by the realization that what they DO actually is reacted to by the characters.'s late. I'm rambling.

Thank you.

rly nice

You're really nice!

lol thx

This demo was really great! I enjoyed the characters and the different dialogue choices offered to the player! The gunplay although simple was really engaging and effective. It reminds me of Duck Hunt but without the lightgun. I can't wait to see what other encounters will be like!

Thanks. You're awesome!


I really like this game! The writing, the plot and the main character are amazing! I enjoyed it so much that I want to translate this game into Chinese for my dissertation, would you be interested? I'm a MA student in translation, and my language pair is English to Chinese. The translation will be used for educational purposes only. If you are interested, we can discuss more details. My email is Thank you so much for your time and for bringing this wonderful demo! Looking forward to seeing the final product!

You could... I just don't know if I could ever actually afford a Chinese font right at the moment.

Thank you so much! It was very generous of you, and I really appreciate it. I'm so sorry about the font, but I think there might be some ready-made Chinese fonts with a CC0 licence. If you find anything that might be able to be used in your game and want to contact the creator, I'm more than happy to help. Can you give me an email address so we can discuss more about the translation and the font? 



You are awesome!

(1 edit) (+2)

 This game is amazingggg, it kind of reminds me of Boktai, SOlar Boy Django in a way!! Sadly I can't play the full demo version because I don't have windows, but I really loved the Winston dialogue!! I would love to see more of Winston, and who knows, maybe in the future Winston will finally buy her a drink! I can't wait for the game to be finished!! Keep up thew great work!!


I don't know Boktai, Solar Boy Django. I'll check it out.


Please make it available for Mac. I wanna play this game so bad omg


I'll talk with the dev tomorrow. 


Those water barons will get what they deserve... well, at least I hope so...

(2 edits) (+1)

I do have a theory we might actually be able to make Bonnie take over The Water Baron (or make her own company) and become rich by profiting the underground river by the end instead of giving free water...

I don't know how the game will be but that's just my theory. 


That would be pretty cool :)


Considering the game is still being made, definitely something I'm taking notes on.


Looking forward to the full version :)

Awesome, just as ZONGE said, we looking forward to the full version


ZONGE! Zonge zonged it.


I really really enjoyed so muchthis game you have no idea i really wish it never ended it was really great like really great

Thank you so much.


Such a great game, love to see this kind of thing on here

Just a bit sad that I cant play the full thing as I am on mac and can not download it 

Good luck with the full game and i hope it comes out as well if not better than the demo

Awww! Sorry you can't play it. I'll talk to the programmer about a mac version.

(2 edits) (+1)

cool demo ,the dialog is great 

man the camp scene 

the only thing i dont like is the mouse speed

maybe let ppl adjust the mouse speed?

ps winston is cool i love him i want moar of him

I'll put it on the list! Did you want it to be faster, slower?

i think the mouse cursor is a bit slow 

i always max out cusor speed in any game

He still not hates even when he got shot by Bonnie. now that's a lot of patience he got.


As someone who is obsessed with westerns, this game scratched every itch I had. Absolutely amazing. I was blown away. I really hope we get a much longer version! I'm cheering you on!

Thank you!

Epic. nice game dude

thanks dood

Love it! The art and animation are amazing too!


You're amazing!

(1 edit)

Fun and beautiful game from what I was able to play! Unfortunately I'll have to replay to see more as the game is stalled on a black screen after being freed from jail, even when restarting and continuing. Also I think the unable to access the inventory is a resolution issue, I don't have the arrow as someone else mentioned but my screen is an odd resolution and since its full screen only its likely the sides are cut off.

Edit: Looking at the screenshots the sides are absolutely cut off if you dont have widescreen, I'm only able to see half the piano in the saloon and the man sitting at the bar is at the absolute edge, even cut off slightly if I remember right.

Oh, thanks! Can you also tell me your OS and hardware if possible?

Great writing and gameplay, I really really enjoyed it, thank you very much !

Thank you!

(1 edit)

And what have we learned today kids? Be nice to your fans! They might help you out of jail...


Exactly the lesson I wanted to impart.


Oohh I had fun with this one! Great story telling!

You're great storytelling!



Red Dead Redemption 3 lookin good🥶 🥶 🥶 🙏🙏🙏🙏

I know, right?! Gotta Pre-rder RDR3!!!!


Is there a way to get a bullet before the guy is shot? Winston dont give me any and he takes away that single bullet in my room after the show

After escaping from Prison, you will need to say Goodbye to Winston, he will give you some ammo before leaving you for good

you could also get some more ammo if you got enough brass before the duel, and giving the broken bottle to the old man


Yes i know but before going to the prison there isn't how? Because when the sheriff comes to get me she says "lucky my hexshot was empty" or something like that

You can't get any hexshot before you get arrested, you must first arrested to get the ammo


There is wisdom in these words.


Gotta be framed criminal first to do criminal act

I finally found someone who would sell me booze! Too bad I'm in jail now...

BOOOOOZE! and muuuuuuuuuuuuuurder!


I can't get past the ending (because I'm on web :( ) but that guy is so mean "NO I WILL NOT PUT MY GUN ON THE WALL BRO!!!!"

(1 edit)

Ya can run off back to whatever water farm or salt mine you grew up in. Hang your gun up on the wall, pop out a few kids, and tell em stories about the bad ol days


Hahaha... wow. Uh, you all have actually... played this game. Um, thank you. A lot. Really.

I mean... Ma used to say that men had guns and women had mirrors and make up.

so I guess it better off hanging your gun on the wall eh?

Oh, both have both. Never forget.


shot that mysogonistic mf in the mouth ☺🤪✌🤩🤠

Ouch. Well, he won't do that again.


I like that you can just kill redstar before he finishes talking

Yeah, letting people talk is stupid. SHOOT SHOOT!

I mean at least he finally feels what "heavenly" really mean


That's a truth!


I love the art style of mixing the old west and modern technology together, the writing is great and I'm really exited for the full game, Do you have any idea when to expect the full game?


Probably quite a ways out. Building the base engine is still not *quite* done. There's a few more things to do. Then it'll just be forward content, which will take a lot less time dev wise, but still has a LOT of art that needs done.

(1 edit) (+2)



You're great.


Amazing concept and game, I hope this project gets more attaintion! Keep up the good work, will be looking forward to the full game in the future!


Thank you!

Any chance of a Mac build? 

Not sure! I'll talk to the lead dev guy and see. I don't know how hard it is to make a build for the mac from the unity set up we have.

I found it funny even though Bonnie is searching for a booze, I like how I could still do the entire demo without having to drink 

Haha, your her subconscious, trying to tell her something.

I'm controlling her faith for the better or worst depending on my mood

but NEVER shoot the girl

Girl over god. Everyone knows this.

Unbelievable! A town with no booze! Well, maybe that couple from the store will sell me a few sandwiches once they stop fighting...



Very good. Nice graphics, sound and music.

You have a very good graphics sound and music!

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